Avoiding Procrastination: Something that Works for Me


With students returning to school soon, I thought it would be appropriate to write a little something on procrastination. Staving off procrastination is something that you will face your entire life (unless you’re some sort of work-ethic god, in which case I am envious and I hate you). How many of you have fallen victim to trying to accomplish a task, let’s say writing a paper, and instead find yourself baking lemon tarts or browsing r/starcats? This infuriating circumstance can leave you feeling guilty at your lack of being able to take care of business and more importantly, it keeps you from getting stuff done! Procrastination is like Tolkein’s Mirkwood: wander into its depths and you will run into trouble (if only you found elves like actual Mirkwood!). Whenever I feel tempted to walk away from the task at hand, this is a tip I use to keep myself from meandering into the dark forest of procrastination. I think this tactic might work whether you are in school or not, but it is a method I picked up while working on my Masters, so I apply it specifically to an educational context. Continue reading


“Put Away Childish Things”: Jeffery Donaldson’s “Figurine”

Jeffery Donaldson is exactly how I picture a poet should be. Not one of those tortured, angsty types, unchecked in their spontaneous overflow of powerful emotion and morbidity (you can find some of them skulking about on tumblr), but one who balances piercing intelligence, extensive cultural knowledge, lyricism and emotional depth into his work expertly. If you have an excess of any one of these elements, the poetry can become cold and inaccessible or can overwhelm the reader with unchecked affect or even become plain boring. However, Donaldson performs the balancing act well. In other words, he makes me think thoughts and feel feelings. One of my favourite of his poems is from his latest poetry collection, Slack Action (The Porcupine’s Quill, 2013) about a dollhouse:

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