Be selfish…forgive someone today

I’m going to tell you a story; you may have heard it before:

Two Buddhist monks are taking a nature walk, talking about things that are Buddhist and monk-like. Eventually they reach a river. By the river is a beautiful young woman looking distraught. One of the monks asks her what is the matter and she answers that she is worried about crossing the river without drowning. The current is strong and she is not a strong swimmer.

Without a second thought, the monk picks up the woman and helps her cross the river. Thanking him profusely, the woman continues on her way, happy and safe. The other monk wades across the river to join his colleague, frowning.

The two monks continue on their nature walk and the second monk, still frowning says, “Why did you carry that woman across the river? You know we are not supposed to touch women, it is against our way of life.”

The monk answered, “I left that woman at the river’s edge a long way back, why are you still carrying her?” Continue reading