Salvage and the Creative Process

Hello, hi, how are you? This is the first entry for Salvage; it should be pretty dope. I don’t have a central theme for this blog. I can’t tell you what it’s “about”. Cleanth Brooks in “The Well-Wrought Urn” says it is a “heresy” to try to explain what a poem is “about” in an authoritative summary paragraph, a poem attempts to take many different ideas, sometimes contradictory, and reach some sort of resolution through its linguistic gymnastics[i]. The blog is like one large poem, pulling together different topics from the recesses of my mind until I am finished. But I’m not looking for regular readership, just to purge the demons from my head so I can finally rest. So read the stuff you like, ignore the stuff you’re not that into (but you already know this because you’re smrt).

I figure the best place to start is an explanation of the blog’s title. This will give you a decent insight into the way I think and some of the things I’m into, so you can decide for yourself whether this floats your boat. The name Salvage, apart from being an

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